Dance Anytime, Anywhere
With Tippi Toes®


Dance on Demand includes:

  1. First Class Free with 7 Day Trial
  2. A high-energy dance lesson every week
  3. Engaging introduction to get the kiddos ready for fun
  4. Specific dance step instruction great for beginners as well as experienced dancers
  5. Original Tippi Toes® dances, choreographed to Tippi Toes® original music
  6. Review of choreography
  7. Exciting moving dance steps that spurs movement and exercise
  8. Endless encouragement and unbounding silliness from Tippi Toes dance teachers
  9. Approachable dance concepts to please both kiddos and adults!

First Class Free with 7 Day Trial!

How can Tippi Toes® on Demand help your child?

Dance helps children learn, brings happiness and our specific approach builds confidence and dance competence. It is well-proven that movement and music for children has countless benefits developmentally, physically and intellectually and with our virtual classes your dancer can gain from all of those benefits.

Whether on vacation, unable to attend in-person classes or just want more dance fun in your life – Tippi Toes Dance on Demand is the answer! Now you can enjoy all the benefits of our kid-friendly dance clases, any day, any time!

What Will Your Child Experience With Tippi Toes® Dance on Demand?

  1. Complete entertainment from the Tippi Toes® instructors
  2. Encouragement to learn and try new skills
  3. Positive and approachable dance instruction
  4. Exercise and movement with an imaginative & kid-friendly approach
  5. Songs and activities that move strategically to maintain a child’s attention
  6. A friendly and loving instructor who supports and shares her belief in the child’s abilities
  7. Fantastic dancing music which has topped iTunes charts
  8. A happy activity that is healthy for mind, body and soul
  9. Development of positive connections between activity, healthy habits, education and dance

What Will You Experience as Parent or Loved One?

  1. Joy! There is nothing better than watching your child giggle and experience happiness
  2. Piece of mind knowing your child is participating in a positive and uplifting activity
  3. Satisfaction observing your child gain and practice new skills
  4. Entertainment as your little one will proudly show off his/her new accomplishments
  5. Comfort that you are providing your child with classes that improve his/her mental and physical well-being

The Plan

For $19.99/month your entire household will have access to a Tippi Toes® Dance on Demand! Your library of virtual dance classes will build up over time and provide endless activities and joyful dance experience for all of your children!

Every week you will receive a new lesson, but have no fear because you get to keep all of your previous classes as well! So if you want to repeat our highly popular Blue Bubble Gum Hanging from a Tree dance or maybe our often requested, Let’s Boogie dance – no problem! Every week will provide you with more and more content for hours of fun!

Each class is approximately 30-minutes long and includes an introduction, 6 Tippi Toes® dances, 2 specific dance step break downs, a moving activity at the end of the lesson as well as a review of the days dance steps.

Plan Details
  • $19.99/month
  • Full access to the virtual library
  • New lesson every week
  • 30-minutes long class (approx.)
  • Designed for all genders
  • Payment via Credit Cards and Paypal

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Frequently Asked Questions

How am I billed for my subscription?

When you sign up you will enter your credit card or PayPal account and will be billed $19.99 once a month. It is so easy and convenient.

What if I want to stop?

Well we don’t like that question, but we get it! You can stop anytime. You pay weekly for the subscription so you have a great deal of flexibility.

How will I receive my new video each week?

Each week you will get an email with a link to your updated library. Simply click the link, log in and your child will be dancing in no time.

What happens to the dance lessons if I stop my subscription?

You would no longer have access to any Tippi Toes Virtual Dance Classes, so don’t leave! Just stay with us!

What should my child wear while he/she dances along?

Your child can wear whatever they feel comfortable in! We will be moving a ton so non-restrictive clothing would be best! Full dance attire with our signature sparkle ballet slippers or comfy leggings and a t-shirt…we want our dancers comfortable and confident!

What does the $19.99/month include?

This offers you a weekly virtual dance class that is intended for all children between 2-8 years. Kids will follow along to Tippi Toes award winning music and dances, learn dance steps and feel encouragement and support from the Tippi Toes instructors.

What ages is this designed for?

This has been kid tested and approved by children between the ages of 2 and 8 years of age. The kiddos will absorb and perform the content at different rates, but nonetheless the content will be highly entertaining and productive for children in this age range.

Is this a replacement for going each week to my Tippi Toes dances classes in person?

Nothing can replace the fun and connection provided in our Tippi Toes Dance classes, but these virtual classes are a great way to supplement all the fun you experience in a Tippi Toes class!

Will my child actually learn dance terms?

Absolutely! Your child will learn terms, practice steps as it is broken down piece by piece specifically intended for children and also reviewed to help solidify the lesson.