Tippi Toes®

Our story

Since 1999 Tippi Toes has offered recreational, mobile, children’s dance classes, offering original music and choreography.
We teach through imaginative storytelling, focusing on confidence, which provides a meaningful, positive, cheerful, and adventurous experience for our students. We maximize impact through a culture of empowerment and thankfulness.

Our Vision

To instill confidence, positivity and joy into the lives of children.

Our Mission

Cheerfully provide children with a joyful, positive and nurturing environment through dance.

Our Values


Serve with generosity and love.


Social connections with people at all stages of life help ensure healthy development, both physically and emotionally.


Steady, earnest, and energetic effort everyday.


Joy creates enthusiasm and energy. Enthusiasm is the cornerstone of great leadership, personal or in an organization.

Why You'll Love Us

For every 12 franchises sold we build a home for those in need

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Our Leadership Team

The leadership team at Tippi Toes is committed to the happiness & success of every dancer, dance instructor, parent, school staff and all those that come in contact with our company. We are dedicated to creating a business that offers a wonderful service to communities all over the world. Our entire team works every day to instill confidence, positivity and joy into the lives of children.

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