Can I enroll at anytime for public classes?
Yes! Click on your appropriate area schedule in the tabs above to see where/when we’re hosting classes and register via our registration system, Dance Studio Pro. For public classes in Montgomery County however, you must register through their system Active Montgomery.

What is the enrollment fee for public classes?
DC Tuition is $92/month plus an annual registration fee of $35. Annapolis Tuition is $80/month plus an annual registration fee. Tuition will be charged the 1st of the month September-June. For public classes in Montgomery County please check their registration system to view cost of class.

How far in advance do I have to cancel classes in order to not be charged?
In order to NOT be charged monthly tuition (no refunds will be provided) for a particular month, you must let us know 30 days prior to your last dance class in writing ( Alerting your instructor will not cancel your enrollment or turn off your Auto-Pay. Thank you!!

What is the enrollment fee for classes held at surrounding schools?
Cost varies depending on the number of classes in the session. For classes registered through our registration system, you can find the cost when registering. For classes registered through a secondary enrichment company, you must check their system to find the cost of enrollment.

Is class held if school is out for the day?
There is no class held on school holidays. For inclement weather cancellations please click here for more details on that policy.

What is the recommended attire for class?
Toddler & Me, Baby Ballet, BTJ Classes – ballet attire and ballet shoes are recommended but, not required. 

Pop Stars, Hip Hop, Pom Pro – comfortable clothing such as t-shirt and leggings or shorts is recommended. Tennis shoes and jazz shoes are recommended for these classes.

Is there a recital and how much is it?
Yes! We have two recitals throughout the year – Winter Recital and Spring Recital. The cost is $65 for the Winter Recital and $90 for the Spring Recital. All students will receive a Participation form in Oct and Feb to indicate their wish to participate. Fees will be added to your account accordingly and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  

Does my child have to participate in the recital?
We do not require participation but highly recommend it! It gives the students a chance to showcase all they’ve learned in class over the session and a chance for the parents to see their student in action! Performance opportunities especially on a true stage are self-confidence building experiences – even if they only put a toe on the stage! An option to opt out of the recital is sent to all participating locations in October and again in February. PLEASE RESPOND TO THESE AS PROMPTLY AS POSSIBLE – WE DO NOT WANT ANYONE TO BE LEFT OUT AND HAVE TO ORDER ALL COSTUMES AT THE SAME TIME (many weeks ahead of recital date). 

Is the costume required to participate?
Yes, students must have a costume to participate in both the Winter and Spring recital. They will love them afterwards for dancing and dress up! Boys costumes we hard to coordinate with the them and make it fun for them – these usually consist of something like a costume. 

Who can attend the recital and is there an entry fee?
There is no limit on the number of people you can invite and it’s FREE! 

How do parents receive updates for classes?
All communication is done via email so we ask that you check your email regularly for emails from us and ensure we have the latest contact information. We occasionally end up in the spam folder so please check that folder as well. You can also find updates throughout the year on social media – please Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Instagram.