Jul 4, 2013

Ashleigh, OK – daughter is 3

Sophie just loves Tippi Toes Dance. She looks forward to dance class every week and really enjoys what she is learning. I can tell how much she likes it because she talks about it all the time as well as show off the different moves she has learned. I often see her practicing different steps she’s learned when she thinks no one is looking. She was so proud when her family came to watch her on open dance night and I’m truly looking forward to her recital in the spring, can’t wait to see my baby dance.

Tippi Toes has been great for Sophie, teaching her self-confidence and to take pride in herself andboosting her self-esteem. Our experience with Tippi Toes has been great, I hope that Sophie continues to love dance for many years to come.”

Ashleigh, OK - daughter is 3