We sympathize with the struggle to balance school work with enrichment and physical activity for our children while trying to maintain a happy household and full-time job under these strange circumstances.  In an effort to ease some of that burden for you, allow children to safely socialize in small groups, experience the enrichment of physical activity, art classes, music and dance and to “be children”, we are planning a weekly Academic Support series at our Kyle Studio.  This unique series is intended to assist with daily academics  by providing dedicated homework and online learning time as well as what some schools call “specials” or “essentials” to your child.  The hours your child can spend with us at our studio and gym will include curriculum which will meet or exceed the national standards set for Physical Education, Art Education and Dance Education.  We will also offer assistance to children with their required online learning during their time with us.  Children must bring their own devices and headphones which will be checked in when they arrive and are to be used only for scheduled online learning and home work time.  We will follow YOUR child’s online schedule. 

This program does, however, have a very limited capacity, so reserving your child’s spot through our registration link is the best way to guarantee your enrollment.

What is it?

  • Cleanliness guidelines based on childcare center COVID response requirements
  • Assistance for online and at home learning requirements (Zoom classes, Daily attendance check in, learning packets provided by teachers and schools)
  • Weekly whole and half day options
  • Games, Dance, Yoga, Art Appreciation and Crafts, Indoor Sports, Light Gymnastics and Exercise
  • Curriculum to meet or exceed National Standards for Physical Education, Art Education and Dance Education
  • No more than a 10:1 child to teacher ratio

What does is cost?

$165 per week tuition due upon enrollment

$95 per week for 1-5 PM Half Day option due upon enrollment

$35 per day for DAILY DROP IN registrations

How do I sign up?

Sign up through the Enroll Now link above where you will pay tuition for the week.  You will need to sign up for each week/day you would like to attend.  Week 1 starts on September 7th.  Drop In registration is available now.  See the schedule below.

What happens when we go back to school?

When Hays County area schools return to school full time the program will be terminated and any tuition paid for future sessions will be refunded 100%.  

Can I cancel?

Yes.  You may cancel anytime BEFORE the first day of the week.  

Sample Schedule

8:30 Circle Up Time (Morning Meeting)

9:00 Snack

9:30 PE Games

10:30 Academic Learning

11:30 Lunch

12:00 Recess/Open Gym

12:30 Circle Up (Afternoon Meeting)

1:00 Art/Art Appreciation

2:00 Dance/Athletics

3:00 Academic Learning

4:00 Rotations/STEAM Centers


We know the difficulties of parenting during COVID first hand:  You want to protect your kids while ensuring they are having a childhood, you worry “are we doing enough”, and you experience exhaustion, depleted patience, and stress that cause you to not be the best version you want to be for your family.  We hope to help with this new program!  Please let us know if you have any questions!

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