While most classes have a recommended age range to begin class, we do offer classes that are for students with more expertise in the area of dance they are taking.  In order to provide the best possible dance classes for dancers of all levels of experience, we use certain milestones to help us determine if a dancer is ready to progress to the next class.  Dancers can accomplish these milestones through practice and special workshops held periodically through the year.  Examples of class milestones include:

Dancers in our combination Ballet, Tap Jazz Classes will learn to perform the following techniques/skills:

  • Single Pirouette
  • Stationary Leap
  • Chasse R/L/C
  • Fan Kick R/L
  • Grand Battement R/L
  • Y-Scale
  • Five Feet Positions

Dancers in our Ballet I and Tippi Pro classes will learn to perform the following techniques/skills:

  • Splits R/L
  • Double Pirouette
  • Chasse-Step-Leap
  • Fan Kick and Grand Battements
  • Pique Turns
  • Calypso
  • Five Feet Positions with Port de Bras

These are examples of how we determine the best next step for our dancers. 

If you have any questions about these techniques and skills please let us know and we will be happy to explain further.  And don’t forget to visit our teachers on YouTube to see these skills performed to practice at home as well! 

 Hill Country Tippi Toes YouTube Channel