Tippi Toes® Philosophy

Since 1999, Tippi Toes® Dance Company has been bringing a unique program of dance and creative movement to child care centers, schools, play groups and various after school programs.
Tippi Toes® Dance Company cheerfully provides children with a fun, positive and nurturing environment so they are able to experience the joys of dance, self-expression and movement. Classes are specifically designed to develop motor skills and body awareness while enhancing each child’s self-esteem.

Tippi Toes® Dance Company’s award winning dance classes have a remarkable impact on social and developmental growth. Our classes fuel and develop the imagination, critical thinking and sharpen both cognitive and creative skills.

Our Mission

To develop a love of dancing in children by creating a positive experience that promotes healthy living habits, helps build self-confidence, and a love for others.

Healthy Kids & PINK®

One of the driving forces for Tippi Toes® is to provide a healthy experience for children. In today’s culture there are so many opportunities for children to be sedentary and it is more and more difficult for parents to combat the many unhealthy situations parents and kids face every day: video games, drive-thru, computer games, convenience foods, sodas, etc. We hope to be an ally to parents as they face these challenges. Our classes are high-energy and we hope that children leave our classes with a big smile and a little sweaty! We create an atmosphere, which makes physical activity (dance), fun, positive and approachable.

Along with encouragement of physical activity we want to aid parents on the nutrition side as well which is what PINK® is all about, Parents Introducing Nutrition to Kids. In our newsletters, blog, Facebook posts and tweets we will give parents tips for PINK®. If you find yourself wanting or needing more information on helping your family stay healthy, feel free to contact Megan Reilly, MS RD, MissMegan@TippiToesDance.com

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