Spring Recitals! Tippi Toes® created the genius 30-45 minute recitals which allows guests to enjoy a short but sweet recital while the dancers get to perform multiple dances on stage in front of their loved ones. The opportunity for young children to perform the skills they have learned while in Tippi Toes ® class is priceless and a moment where family and friends coming together to watch their child dance their heart out! 

Costumes need to be paid for on the date set to ensure participation. To save our busy parents the hassle of ordering costumes we will take measurements in class and will make the order for the costumers. The parent’s responsibility is to pay the dues for the costume.

If your child does not wish to participate in the show you will not be required to pay the costume fee. Simply call/text or e-mail our office and let us know. You will not be charged the costume fee unless your child dances. We cannot, under any circumstances, make refunds for costumes after they are ordered. 

Spring Recital: $85 + tax per dancer 

(Only applies to students who participate in the recital. Includes costume and an unlimited number of tickets!)