Tippi Toes® Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

We hope this page helps answer some of your questions! As always, please feel free to call or text our office at 281-705-3273 or email us at katytx@tippitoesdance.com or cypresstx@tippitoesdance.com if you have any other questions. Email is our best form of contact. If you call our office and we’re in class be sure to leave a voicemail, so we can return your call. Please expect a reply within 24hrs M-F.

Contracts: While we hope your dancer stays in Tippi Toes® class all season, you are not under any contract when you register for Tippi Toes® classes; however, you must contact our office before the 1st of the upcoming month if you wish to discontinue classes for that month, so that you are not charged. 

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your class registration at any time, please contact our office before the 1st of the upcoming month so that you are not charged tuition for that upcoming month. Cancellations MUST be made before the 1st of the month in order to avoid tuition charges. No refunds are issued on tuition payments.

Tuition & Registration Refund Policy:
No refunds are issued on tuition payments or registration fees.

Sibling & Multiple Class Discounts:
Registration fee – $25/additional sibling
Class Monthly Tuition – $10 off/month per additional sibling
Multiple Class – $10 off/month per additional class

Tippi Toes® Event Refund Policy:
(if you register for an event or camp and need to cancel your registration)
Up to one month before the event – full refund (+processing fee)
Up to two weeks before the event – 75% refund
Up to one week before the event – 50% refund
One week or less before the event – 0% refund

How do I login to my online parent portal?

Click HERE or you may visit our website and click “Enroll/Log In”

How long are classes?

Most Tippi Toes® classes are 45 minutes long with the exception of some of our younger classes which are 30 minutes. Our dance year runs from September – July (with a few breaks such as Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring break). Our dancers are automatically enrolled in our summer classes. We use August for camps/events, to train instructors and work on annual planning. All dancers will need to sign back up for classes each dance year.

We just found out about your classes. Is it too late to join?

We have open enrollment throughout the year, so it is never too late to join a class! Once you enroll, you can start right away!

What is your enrollment fee?

We have a once-a-year enrollment fee of $40 that is due at the time of enrollment. For siblings, this enrollment fee is $25.

What does your enrollment fee cover?

This fee covers our usage of our online monthly payment system, supplies used in class and to hold your child’s spot in class. 

How is monthly tuition handled?

To make it easy on you, when you enroll in classes a card will be placed on file and tuition will be automatically charged on the 1st of each month. However, if you do not wish to be on auto-pay you can pay by cash or check by contacting our office. It just needs to be delivered in an envelope to your child’s dance teacher before the 1st of each month.

What happens if we join mid-month?

Your tuition will be prorated accordingly.

What happens if we have to miss a class?

You’re welcome to make up your class at any of our public classes that fits your child’s age range. Feel free to contact our office or check out our class schedule for available times and dates. Just let our office know you are coming in to make up a class and your dancer can jump right in!

What happens if we can’t continue dance this month?

Please contact our office before the 1st of the upcoming month informing us that you would like to discontinue so that you are not charged. We can easily take care of that for you!

What should my dancer wear to class?

We do not have a strict dress code at Tippi Toes! Your dancer is welcome to wear what they feel comfortable and confident moving in. Most of our students choose to wear dance attire (ballet/jazz shoes, tights, leotard, etc). We do highly recommend dance attire, especially dance shoes! For Hip Hop/Jazz non-restrictive clothing to move in and slip on jazz shoes are preferred.

If your child is at one of our school locations and has a change of dance clothes, be sure to let their school teacher know so they are changed before Tippi Toes class begins. This allows us to maximize class time and do what we do best!

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Do you have dance recitals?

We do! We have dance performances in December and May. Although these are optional, we encourage all of our dancers to participate as it is a fun and special day for them to be STARS! Our recitals are held at an offsite location. Each class performs in one of the 30-45 minute recitals held throughout the day. Information about recital will be sent home via email, newsletters and flyers throughout the year.

How much is the costume fee?

Costume fees for Recitals are $90+tax which includes a professional costume (to keep) and 2 tickets to the show. Additional tickets are $5 each. No refunds will be issued after costumes have been purchased.

If you choose for your child to not participate in recital, you must email our office to let us know that you will not be participating and will not be purchasing a costume. We assume all dancers are participating unless we are notified via email.

What other fees are associated with Recitals?

We have NO other fees associated with our recital. We do not charge any additional recital fees.

Do we rent the costume?

Professional costumes are purchased and are therefore yours to own and enjoy! We do not ask for costumes back after the recital.

Do you offer any other services beside dance classes?

Yes! Be sure to browse around our website with new information about our Princess Camps, Classes & Events, Birthday Parties and MORE! We send home more information regarding our camps and events throughout the year. Follow us on Facebook/Instagram for more information about upcoming events! We would LOVE to see your dancer there!

Are classes open to the public?

School locations are currently only open to children attending those schools. All other classes are open to the public!