Parent Ambassador Program

Help Tippi Toes get into new schools!

Do you want an opportunity for a free semester of dance classes? Do you want to enroll your child in Tippi Toes, but it may not be offered at your school/daycare?
Become a Parent Ambassador for Tippi Toes!

How this works: You as a parent schedules a meeting with your school/daycare director or administrator about bringing in Tippi Toes classes. Once the director or administrator agrees and the enrollment goal is met, you’ll receive a free dance semester for your child at their school/daycare.

Did you know that there are many benefits to adding dance to your school/daycare? Tippi Toes adds arts education, improves kids learning process, adds interest to your program by adding extracurricular activities, and encourages creativity and joy through dancing age appropriate dances along to original music created by Tippi Toes! It adds the convenience of a dance class without having to go anywhere else! Tippi Toes offers monthly lesson plans with a focus on curriculum development for our students.

Each Tippi Toes staff member is CPR certified and has a background in dance or theater. Our staff are friendly, energetic, and happy to be dancing with your child! Meet our staff here!

The best part is Tippi Toes does all the enrollment work! We just need a space and students to perform our classes.

Interested? Please email to let us know! We’ll be so happy to hear from you!