Toddler and Me Dance Classes

Toddler and Me Dance Classes are perfect for our youngest dancers and their favorite dance partner! Dancers as young as 18 months old are welcome to join us for a weekly 30-minute class where your little one will be led through plenty of fun and silly Tippi Toes® songs while being actively encouraged and supported by a parent, grandparent or other special friend! 


Baby Ballet/Ballet, Tap, Jazz

Baby Ballet is a wonderful next step after our Toddler and Me Dance Class! In Baby Ballet, your dancer will be in class independently and begin to learn the structure of dance class while having tons of fun dancing to our high-energy music! Perfect for dancers ages 2-4 years of age, your dancer will begin to learn basic ballet and tap dance steps in a fun, friendly and positive manner! 

Ballet, Tap, Jazz is the perfect transition from Baby Ballet as your dancer continues to build upon their dance knowledge and begins to learn more complicated dance combinations. Your dancer will have a blast dancing along to Tippi’s silly tunes and be challenged with this faster paced class!  


Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion 

Our Hip Hop/Jazz Fusion dance class is perfect for those older dancers who are ready for challenge! This class is created specifically for children ages 6-12 years of age. Using popular and current music, dancers will learn choreography quickly along with learning various dance elements. Our version of hip hop/jazz is extremely tasteful and clean. Our top priority is offering a fun, age-appropriate material! 



All About Tippi Toes®!

Tippi Toes® Houston has been serving the Houston community for over 7 years! We love spreading our love of dance all around the Houston area and are so thankful to be welcomed by so many preschools, recreation centers, and families each and every year! The video below highlights our wonderful CEO, Sarah Nuse, and our COO, Megan Reilly, who talk all things Tippi Toes® with franchise owners, instructors, parents, school directors and who serve as wonderful mentors for women all over the country so that we can bring dance to YOU!