Meet the AMAZING team at Tippi Toes® Houston!

Miss Kelly and Miss Kasey
Houston Franchise Owners

Kelly and Kasey Keller are a dynamic sister duo team! Together they own Tippi Toes Houston, Tippi Toes Corpus Christi and Tippi Toes Sugarland!
Fun Fact about Kelly: She has been working with preschool aged children for over 20 years!
Fun Fact about Kasey: She started her Tippi Toes journey as an assistant teacher in Corpus Christi in 2009!

The Keller’s are looking forward to meeting new families, dancers, directors and school staff this year!
Miss Kryztal
Manager and Instructor

I am so excited to begin my SIXTH year with Tippi Toes! I started dancing when I was just three years old and began competitive baton twirling when I was 7 years old! I graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Dance and a minor in Business Administration where I was also the Feature Twirler for the Spirit of Houston. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to teach dance and baton twirling with MA Dance, as well as appear as a guest instructor at various baton twirling camps to students ages 5-18 years old. My favorite color is red and my favorite sweet treats are chocolate covered gummy bears! My favorite Tippi Toes song is “Together We Are Magic” and my favorite dance skill is a layback ! I can’t wait to welcome so many new schools to our Tippi Toes family and be able to share the joys of dance and Tippi Toes with even more dancers each week!
Miss Michaela
Franchise Administrator

Hello all! My name is Miss Michaela and I am so excited to be starting my 4th year with Tippi Toes, but my first year in my new role as Administrative Assistant after a two year break with the company. I previously worked at the Corpus Christi location, but am so excited to be joining the team in Houston/SugarLand! I have danced from the age of 3 and have worked with children my whole life as a preschool teacher, dance teacher, nanny, and have spent the last year exploring a career in administration. I have a Communications degree from Del Mar College. A few fun facts about me: I foster neonatal kittens for a local cat rescue and my favorite movie is “The Breakfast Club!” My favorite Tippi Toes song is “Dancing on a Rainbow” and my favorite dance move is a Plie! I am most excited this year to be back with the company I love in this new role! I can’t wait to learn more about my new team and the families we dance with!
Miss Ashlyn

Hello! I have been with Tippi Toes for a year and 3 months! I’ve danced and been involved with the arts since I was 3 and I have always loved working with children! My first job was babysitting at 14 and I also worked in my church’s children’s ministry for a while! A few fun facts about me: I am studying to be a pharmacist, I have a dog named Lady, my favorite color is blue, and my older sisters are twins! My favorite song is Hula Bula! My favorite dance move is a passe! I am most excited for recital days when I get to see all the kiddos shine and show all their hard work to their families!!
Miss Tracy

Hello! My name is Miss Tracy and I have been with Tippi Toes for one year! I’ve danced since age 3, danced for a company in college and trained with the Radio City Rockettes! I have a communications major with Early Childhood and Dance Education degree. I have also been working with toddlers-8 year olds for over 10 years. I am a proud boy momma to a 5 year old and a newborn! I also love sour candy! My favorite Tippi Toes song is The Fish Song and my favorite dance move is a back should rollover! I’m so excited to get back into the class after having my lil guy to bring positive experiences for all my kids and be the highlight of fun for their week!
Mr Clay

Hello! I have been with Tippi Toes since January 2022! My entire background revolves around performance! I was a competitive cheerleader as a kid and moved to musical theatre in middle school where I continued to pursue the passion until high school. Whilst in theatre, I discovered love for dancing by choreographing and directing multiple numbers for the school musical! A few fun facts about myself: my favorite animal is a jellyfish and I have 9 cats! My favorite Tippi Toes song is “Hula Bula” and my favorite dance move is a pirouette! I’m most excited about all the new faces and eager students excited to learn some fun dances!
Miss Jenna

Hi there! I am so grateful to be starting my first year at Tippi Toes! My dance journey began during high school whenever I joined Katy High School’s drill team. I loved dancing so much that I decided to try out studio dance outside of school as well, where I became advanced in ballet and jazz after 4 years and assisted children’s dance classes. I loved seeing the joy that dance could bring to the lives of others, and I am so excited that I will be able to help introduce that to so many dancers atTippi Toes! A couple fun facts about me: I will continue my dance journey at the University of Houston with a minor in dance while majoring in biology. Also, I love animals! My favorite Tippi Toes song is “Let’s Boogie!”, and my favorite dance step is a calypso. This year, I am most excited about meeting new dancers!
Miss Alexis

Hi pretty people! This will be my first year with Tippi Toes & to say I’m excited is an understatement! I cheered for 12 years of my life & have always loved dancing! Anytime I have the chance to dance, I dance! I’ve also always loved teaching, so becoming a dance teacher is a dream! I’m from a small town in Oklahoma & moved down to the Houston area about two years ago while I was living in my converted van! While I was living in my tiny van home, I was teaching children in China English! My favorite dance move is an arabesque & my favorite Tippi Toes song is Hula Bula Day! I’m most excited to see all my students' faces light up while we learn a new move or dance! I’ve always loved a good adventure & I’m super excited to start the greatest adventure yet!
Miss Diana

Miss Diana has been a part of Tippi Toes for a year. Teaching with Tippi Toes over this past year has allowed her to appreciate each dancer and their unique understanding of what dancing can be. Born and raised in Morelia, Mexico, Diana discovered her passion for performing at a young age and decided that one day she wanted to inspire others to reach their potential in creativity through performing and the arts. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a BFA in Theatre and Dance. She has been a part of the Main Street Theatre for Youth productions for over a year now and looks forward to being able to help each of her students discover their unique style. Miss Diana's favorite dance move is Chaine Turns, and she looks forward to sharing the joy of performance with her students as she continues getting to know them and helping them reach their greatest potential.


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