Tippi Toes® COVID-19 Protocol

At Tippi Toes®, our goal is to share joy with children through dance. During this global pandemic, we have created a protocol that will be implemented in each of our classes. This will not detract from the wonderful experience our students expect at Tippi Toes® but will ensure we all stay as healthy as safe as possible.

Dancers and their Families

  • Prior to arriving at class. Each dancer should use the restroom before checking in to class so we can avoid bathroom breaks in the middle of class. Dancers should thoroughly wash their hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  • Dance class drop-off. ​ ​A door will be propped open where one parent can bring their child to the classroom and then leave. Parents, siblings, and other guests will not be permitted in the dance room. 
  • Temperature check for dancers. ​We will take the temperatures of all dancers if it was not taken at the center front desk. This allows every parent to know that every child in our Tippi Toes® class is fever-free.
  • Protective equipment. ​ All teachers will be required to wear masks as they greet and dismiss students and when they are within 6 feet of a student during class.
  • Handwashing and sanitizing. ​ Tippi Toes® instructors will sanitize during class as needed and wash hands before and after every class. Dancers will be asked to sanitize as they enter class.
  • Sanitizer as needed in class. ​If dancers, sneeze, cough, rub face, mouth, nose, etc. then they will be asked to either wash their hands or use sanitizer.
  • Restricted classroom access. ​ To minimize potential exposure, dance space will be reserved for teachers and dancers only.
  • Classroom cleanliness. ​ All commonly touched surfaces will be regularly disinfected throughout the day and between every class. Teachers carry sanitizing wipes with them and wipe down music equipment and all doors that they touch while at the classes.
  • Masks.  Some locations require children wear masks during class. Please check the class description on our Locations & Schedule page

Our staff

  • Health screening and temperature checks. ​All staff will be asked to take their temperature each day and must be fever-free before arriving at Tippi Toes®.
  • Social distancing. ​ We’ll continue to practice social distancing as much as possible to reduce risk. To minimize potential exposure, children will continue to keep a distance from children and staff in other classrooms.
  • Stay home if sick. ​ We ask sick individuals to be symptom-free ​72 hours​ before returning to Tippi Toes®.