Tippi Toes® Brings Dance to You!!

Tippi Toes® brings dance into schools, fitness centers, community locations, and even your home. We instill a love of dance in children ages 18 months – 12 years. Our original imaginative music and choreography enrich creativity, motor skills, and body awareness while building each child’s self-esteem. Our ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop classes are fun and exciting for all children. 

Each class begins with warm-ups and stretching exercises as well as activities that encourage boys and girls to use their imagination. We then introduce ballet, tap, jazz, or hip hop techniques using dance terms and examples to enhance their knowledge of the art. We incorporate our original dance music to further their dance experience. During each class, we instruct the children on dances which will be performed at various times throughout the year. We offer a variety of dance classes depending on the age of the dancer.

Toddler & Me

Toddler & Me dance classes are for children 18 months up to the age of 3 years. Music, movement, balance, and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly, and positive manner. This type of class includes mom or dad or another loved one participating in the class along with the little dancer. Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along while parents take an active role in encouraging, supporting, and keeping the little dancer on track.



Tiny Toes

This class is a wonderful transition between Toddler & Me and Ballet, Tap & Jazz class.  Music, movement, balance, and the basic dance steps are introduced in a fun, friendly, and positive manner.  The dancers do not have mom, dad or another loved one by their side during the class, so this class is great for children who will be able to participate in class on their own.  Our teachers will keep the music and curriculum moving along in a way that is fun, positive, and appropriate for children 2-4 years of age.


jazz-danceBallet, Tap & Jazz

Ballet, Tap & Jazz dance classes are typically offered for children 3-7 years old. We incorporate an even mix of the three types of dance over the 45 minute class time using high-energy music.

Hip Hop/Jazz

Hip Hop/Jazz dance classes created especially for children 6-12 years of age. Using popular music the students start learning dances and choreography quickly as well as learning various dance elements. Our version of hip hop/jazz dance is extremely tasteful and clean and our priority is offering age-appropriate material.


Dance Attire

Tippi Toes® Dance Company encourages all students to wear Tippi Toes® Sparkle Ballet Slippers, dance attire, or t-shirt along with shorts, tights, or leggings.


Enrollment Fee (one time per year, non-refundable) $40.
Monthly Tuition (deducted automatically on the 1st of each month) $65 per month. 
Toddler & Me and Tiny Toes (30-minute classes) are $55 per month.

Interested in having Tippi Toes come to your child’s school or community location?
Contact Jen at (513)399-7449 or Cincinnati@tippitoesdance.com