Princess Dance Camp

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, Tippi Toes® held a magnificent Princess Camp. Young Princesses from near and far came dressed in ballerina outfits, for they were about to spend time with some of the most intelligent, hard working true Princesses. The Princesses were inventors, doctors, dancers and teachers. They were kind to others and always used their manners. Together they would dance, share stories, play games and work on special crafts. At the end of their time with the Princesses, they would each get to invite a special person to join them at an awards show and a special performance at the end of the week.

We would love for your child to dance into our fairytale!

Princess camp is for children 3-7 years (must be 3 on the first day of camp)

Other Camps

Tippi Toes® may offer other clever camps for children in your area!  Please check your local Tippi Toes location to see if there are any other camps available!

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