Jan 10, 2017

Why is a Dance Company Writing Children’s Music?

Great question! There is an endless collection of music at our fingertips and yet we go through the extensive, and unfamiliar process of writing and producing our own music.  

The simple answer is that we hoped that we would be able to create music that didn’t make us cringe when a 3-year recited the lyrics and because we believed we could do it. 

The kids we teach at Tippi Toes® are as young as one and half years old…that’s right, barely walking! Our oldest dancers are middle schoolers; yes super impressionable and still searching for role models and people to look up to. So day in and day out we are given the privilege of impacting parents’ most precious gifts at incredibly impressionable times of their lives. It’s an important job to take seriously, with that in mind that we set out to produce On Top of the World, Tippi Toes® fourth studio album. 
The Tippi Toes® approach is not to teach perfection in dance class, but to get better each time they try a new step or learn a dance. We believe that if we make practicing dance at each class really fun, exciting and uplifting then that will encourage the dancers to come back and learn more the next week and the week after that leading to the natural outcome of some sweet little dancer’s who can really cut a rug! One huge key to making class special and fun is the music. 

Finding music for class that is fun to listen to for the kids (and the teachers) AND that is not talking about boyfriends/girlfriends or the infinite list of adult topics is a challenge. There are times and places for those topics, but it is not at our 3-year-olds’ dance class, where just want to be free and enjoy dancing, and it’s not at our 10-year-olds’ dance class, where the students are already well aware of many of those adult topics and comprehend so much of the meanings behind the songs. No thank you! At Tippi Toes® we embrace the childhood innocence.  


So we wrote this album specifically with YOUR child or grandchild in mind – truly! We wrote this music because your kiddos come home singing lyrics! We produced this album because we want our music to match the mission of our company! 

What do you do when you hear good music…you TURN IT UP!!  We hope your house and car is blaring loud with On Top of the World for days and months to come and our biggest hope is that your child feels On Top of the World after listening to our album!