Mar 22, 2021

Virtual Dance with Tippi Toes®

When businesses and schools closed due to the pandemic, we knew that we had to find a way to quickly shift and continue to serve our customers even though we could not offer the classes in person in most locations.

Thinking back to March of 2020, there were many indications that changes would be coming, but most people including those of us at Tippi Toes were shocked when organizations like the NBA, the NCAA, universities, etc. all closed their doors.  The day those doors were closed is a day that most of us will always remember.

 As a small business, we knew that if we could not continue to serve our customers then we could not survive a shutdown for an unknown amount of time.  Serving our customers day after day is the reason we have thrived for 22 years and why we continue to grow every single year.

Serving our customers was always our number one focus.  We had to think fast and more importantly we had to ACT fast!

Within ten days of the shutdown, we had virtual dance classes available to all of our customers.  We literally and figuratively did not miss a beat!

This seamless shift to virtual classes was important to Tippi Toes because we are so focused on showing up consistently and unconditionally for our customers. 

Over our 22 years of offering dance classes around the world, we have heard time and time again, that our students and the locations we serve to rely on us.  The students look wait all week to see their Tippi Toes teacher, the schools we visit set schedules and staff around our classes and parents count on us to bring education and joy to their children.  This dependence our customers feel for Tippi Toes is an honor.  We are humbled that our customers know that Tippi Toes will always be here to serve, even when the entire world literally shuts down.  We were going to find a way to serve.

On March 20, 2020, we officially opened virtual dance classes for all Tippi Toes customers plus anyone else who wanted to safely keep their child dancing.  We had many dance companies reach out asking for guidance.  We knew our industry would be hit hard, and we wanted to stand strong as a leader in our community.

Over time, we have also added live virtual dance classes to our offering.  So that means, as of today, customers can come and safely dance in person with Tippi Toes, or they can join our live weekly zoom classes or they can sign up for our pre-recorded virtual dance classes.  We are so proud of these offerings and are so happy to continue to see dancers from around the world walk through our doors or pop up on our computer screens.

Written by Megan L Reilly
Tippi Toes, Inc Owner/COO