Dec 8, 2016

An Inside Look – The Music Behind On Top of the World!

inside-look_1_smallSince 2007 Tippi Toes has written and produced children’s music which is used in our award winning dance classes! Tippi Toes founders, Sarah Nuse & Megan Reilly sat down with us to discuss what the music production experience has been like over the years!

Why did Tippi Toes even decide to produce music?

Sarah – We had been teaching children for about 8 years and started to have a hard time finding music that had the tone, feeling and fun that we wanted in our classes. We thought it would be a fun challenge to try to tackle and I have to say that after 9 years of writing our own music it is one of the most exciting and rewarding pieces of our business. To create music that is used in our 35 franchises around the country is so personal and important to Megan & I. We put our heart and soul into every part of the music production and we plan to always continue to produce music for kids to enjoy and for parents to approve and enjoy as well!

Who writes the songs?

Megan – Sarah and I write all the lyrics to the music which is one of our favorite jobs overall! After teaching dance for so many years and having our own children we really have a good sense of what kids love to dance to and what works in class. We started teaching 17 years ago and 3-year-olds still loved the same type of music then as they do now so that makes the job of writing lyrics even more fun! The recipe for our music is big cup of fun mixed with encouragement, kindness and a dash of silliness. The best part of our newest CD, On Top of the World, is that the lyrics give the type of message all parents want their kids to hear and repeat as they bop along to the music!

And who writes the music?

Sarah – That would be all the tremendous Joey Davila! Megan and I write the lyrics and then tell him the tone and feeling we are going for with a song and then Joey takes it from there! He always surpasses our wildest dreams and we have been so blessed from the start to work so easily and wonderfully with Joey. He makes the entire process even more fun for Megan & I!

Megan – There is no email more exciting then when Joey sends us the first version of a song. Seriously, those are the best emails! He sends us the first cut of the song then Sarah, Joey & I talk through ideas, adjustments, etc and the song grows from there.

How long does the process from start to finish take?

Sarah – It can vary, but Megan and I can usually write songs over the course of a few months and then the spectacular Joey Davila will spend another few months creating the music and really shaping the album. I would say the process takes us about 6 – 8 months to produce from writing to final production.

What is your favorite thing about the process?

Megan – I honestly love every part of the writing process because I get to unhinge my business side and just tap into my silly kid side of things! I also LOVE being in the studio with the talented Joey Davila because it is such a foreign world to me and he is such an incredible music genius! Seeing him work and put together these fantastic tunes is fascinating and I am always sad when we wrap the studio time!

inside-look_2What do you hope comes from Tippi Toes® producing music?

Megan – Up to this point I believe our music has made our dance classes even more fun for our dancers and I hope that continues. I also hope that with our newest CD, On Top of the World, kids hear the lyrics and take them to heart! If a child listens to Tippi Toes® music and gets any type of joy, confidence, happiness or excitement out of it then I am a happy lady!

Sarah – I hope people all across the country find our music and feel happier because of it! I want all Tippi Toes dancers to know that they music was created specifically for them and is inspired by all the wonderful things they have taught me, Megan and every Tippi Toes® employee over the years. Our thousands of dancers we have met over the past 17 years have really been the ones to show us what they want in class and we are just answering that call!

What is your favorite song from the new album?

Megan – Oh gosh! I don’t know if I can choose! I would probably have to pick the song “Top of the World”. Sarah wrote those lyrics and it is intended as a sort of love letter from a mother to her daughter. It is just so beautifully written and then the beat is so fun – I think it is the best one, two punch!

Sarah – My favorite changes all the time, but I really am crazy about the song Megan wrote, “Love My Life” because it is so much fun to dance to, has creative dance moves that go along with it and it helps kids and dancers think outside of the box!

Thank you for sharing insider info about Tippi Toes® music!

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