Jul 29, 2016

Tippi Toes® Annual Conference Recap: It Just Gets Better and Better!

We just wrapped up our Tippi Toes® conference in Chicago, IL and we are all flying high after learning so much from one another and being so energized by the excitement we each have for our company!

We started the 4-day conference with an inspiring sales presentation by my awesome sister and the CEO of Tippi Toes®, Sarah Nuse. Then Sarah was followed up with a wonderful presentation by a tremendous Tippi Toes® supporter and CPA, Cody Sulak.

Thursday evening we had a blast on a twilight boat tour of the Chicago River, which was made even more beautiful by the lightning show we got towards the end! We could have enjoyed a stroll back to our hotel, but instead we all embraced our inner Gene Kelly and danced our way back to our hotel in the absolute pouring rain! As with all things Tippi Toes® this unplanned possible disaster just ended up fun, entertaining and left us laughing and soaking!

Friday started off on a high note when Sarah and I had our first meeting with the Tippi Toes® Leadership Counsel. The Leadership Counsel is comprised of three top Tippi Toes® franchise owners who have all successfully operated a Tippi Toes® franchise for at least 3 years. Tracy Genheimer, Laura Teal & Claire Portolese are all members of the inaugural Tippi Toes® Leadership Counsel.

Specifically, these inspiring women will be helping Tippi Toes® Corporate as we continue to appoint more and more franchise owners. They will work closely with new franchise owner and will serve as an advisory board to Sarah and I. We are so thrilled to have such a powerful new feature in our company!

The rest of Friday was just a fantastic as the morning! Everyone participated in
break-out groups, which allowed owners to drill down to more specifics and ask experts about various areas of business. The Finale for Friday was our special Annual Awards Dinner!

The Awards Dinner brought cocktail attire, a beautiful view, tons of riveting conversations and tears of joy as four owners were awarded Tippi Toes® highest honors!


Laura Teal is the 2016 Wisdom Award Winner!conf_recap_2
Tracy Genheimer is the 2016 Tippi Award Winner!
Jeanine Carr is the 2016 Rookie of the Year!
Kasey Keller & Kelly Keller are the 2016 Franchise Owners of the Year!
(See our last blog post for more details on these prestigious awards)


Saturday was a day of excitement! Sarah and I were finally able to share with our owners some huge upcoming news and we felt On Top of the World! On Friday, January 13th, 2017 Tippi Toes® will release our 4th CD, On Top of the World and we hope all of our Tippi Toes® fans and dancers will help us reach the top of the music charts with this CD!

The CD is like nothing we have ever produced before and we are excited to knock the socks off of our little dancers, customers and the world with this inspiring, fun, energetic music! Billboard chart, iTunes chart, Nielsen ratings…we are coming for YOU!!!

Along with talking about our upcoming CD release, we danced, we took care of other important Tippi Toes® topics and just continued learning from one another.

Saturday night everyone had free reign to do anything in the great city of Chicago!! The sky was the limit! Go anywhere! Do anything! See you Sunday morning! And what exciting things everyone did do…we all stayed in our hotel, found a huge open space in the downstairs lobby, ordered pizza, picked up beverages and spent the night all together in the lobby, eating, drinking, laughing so hard we cried and dancing the night away! It. Was. Perfection.

Saturday night might have been the most informative for us…we learned:
1. One of our top owners has an incredible stank face
2. We have a Tippi Toes® husband who can do an incredible “Worm”
3. We have another Tippi Toes® husband who could win any rap battle
4. Multiple owners can bust out a backwards roll anytime, anywhere
5. Chicago deep dish pizza is just as good when you order in
6. Whole foods has an extensive wine selection
7. Pandora has some impeccable music stations
8. When it comes down to it, where you are doesn’t matter! All that matters is who you are with!

Sunday morning brought church, meetings or sleeping in, then we wrapped conf_recap_9up with sharing our Big Goals for our upcoming year of business. Then once more, there were more tears of joy and gratitude as we all recapped the incredible weekend, lessons and bonds that were formed.

This weekend is a reminder that Tippi Toes® is so much more than a company. It is a place where like-minded people come together to bring joy to others through dance. We all can learn so much from one another because we all respect one another so much. We all value the words and ideas that we hear. We know when we look around the room that every person who wears the Tippi Toes® logo on their chest truly wants happiness, fulfillment and success for one another.

This Tippi Toes® family is here forever and we are so overjoyed to think about what the future will hold for all of us! Here is to another record setting year in the world of Tippi Toes®!