May 3, 2013



Parents Introducing Nutrition to Kids – PINK

As all of us are well aware the health of the children in our country is deteriorating.  Childhood obesity has gotten more serious and severe over the past decade and the solution to this scary problem is in our hands, the Parents.

Of course, there are many aspects to this problem and there is not one quick fix.  For example you have already made a positive healthy choice for your child by having him/her in Tippi Toes.  You are encouraging and facilitating physical activity (one solution to decreasing childhood obesity) and during class we make physical activity fun, positive and exciting for your children.

Another step you can take besides encouraging physical activity is also encourage healthy eating.  Parents play a massive roll in introducing food, health and nutrition to their children so it seems like a logical focus to PINK – parents introduce nutrition to kids.

We want to help you help your family and to do so try making one small change in your household.  Look at the list below and choose one behavior to adopt in your own house:

  1. Switch out one pre-packaged snack for a vegetable or fruit
  2. Do not keep soda in your house
  3. Sit at the dinner table for dinner
  4. Use salad plates as your main entree plate
  5. If you must go through the drive thru for dinner – make the healthy choices on the menu (apples, salad, water, whole wheat, etc)

Sometimes with such a massive problem the solution seems too far away; that is not true and with small changes within your household big changes can occur.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi