Nov 15, 2016

Featured Teacher – Miss Shanice

Each month, we recognize and highlight one of our many incredible teachers. This month, we’ll meet Ms. Shanice who teaches at Tippi Toes® DC!

Hi Miss Shanice!
Thanks for taking the time to talk to us to tell us a little about your experience as a dance teacher at Tippi Toes®.

Tell us a little about your dance history. Did you dance before? Did you teach before?

I’ve been dancing since I was 4 years old! It wasn’t until high school that I chose to get serious about dance and make a career out of it. This past May, I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with my BFA in Dance & Choreography and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to make my dream into a reality! The majority of my teaching experience comes from teaching choreography but, I’m super excited that my first formal teaching experience is here with Tippi Toes®.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Tippi Toes®?

I enjoy so many things when teaching at Tippi Toes® but, what I enjoy the most is seeing the kid’s excitement when they enter the room. Their faces light up with the biggest smiles and it truly melts my heart. It lets me know that I may have made their day a little better and little do they know, they’ve done the same for me. 🙂

Tell us about a favorite Tippi Toes® moment from class.

I have so many favorite moments but I love when I get to see the kids freestyle during freeze dance. It’s neat to see how they naturally like to move and what makes them feel good all while trying to concentrate on stopping when the music stops. 🙂 Their personalities really pop and it allows me to get to know them even more. It’s super fun to witness their carefree spirits and I’m happy I’m able to provide that opportunity!

What do you like to do for fun when not dancing with sweet kiddos!

When I’m not with my favorite tiny dancers I’m usually at my favorite store, Target! It has everything you’ll ever need and all for a good price! There’s always a Starbucks, because who doesn’t need coffee? You’ll never run out of energy while shopping. It’s truly a win-win situation and makes my heart just as warm as all of my tiny dancers do. 🙂