Apr 24, 2017

Featured Franchise Owner – Miss Jessi

Every month we like to highlight one of our terrific franchise owners to hear their story and how they got started. This month, we’re speaking to Jessi Rustad, who owns her franchises in the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Hi Miss Jessi!

Thank you for taking time to talk to us about your journey.  We can all learn from each other through sharing our journeys. Please tell us a little about yourself.


Where did you grow up and how did you come to be in Minneapolis?

I was born and raised in Minnesota, right here where my Tippi Toes franchise is – in Maple Grove, Minnesota!

How long have you had your TippiToes?

We are just wrapping up our 3rd season/year of Tippi Toes in Minneapolis and looking forward to amping up our 4th season this summer!

Did you ever think you’d be a business owner?

Ha, when I was little I used to play “Dance Studio Owner” and create my own Dance Studio names, classes, dances and designed costumes. I don’t know if I thought of it as being a Business Owner at the time but I think I was destined to be in the dance world and teach kids when I was older – and here I am!

What made you decide to choose this business?

My husband found Tippi Toes in Entrepreneur Magazine as an “up and coming” franchise business, and we thought it would be a perfect fit for the dance programs we were already running in Maple Grove – and it is! I can’t believe how much Tippi Toes has changed the way I teach dance and run my businesses in the last 3+ years! It has been amazing!

What advice do you have for other people starting out on this road?

It’s an amazing journey, and not always for everyone, you discover so much about yourself and people – usually in positive ways you could never have imagined before. If you are starting out, stick with it, it gets easier, the first year is the hardest, and then you know the ropes in years after and make adjustments. I even tell my teachers that!

What is the best thing about being a business owner?

The best thing about being a business owner is the ability to have some flexibility as I have two lovely little girls of my own but really, working with the Tippi Toes family and dancers in our program is the greatest joy – I love the challenges as well as the rewards!

What is the most challenging thing about being a business owner?

The most challenging thing about being a business owner is being confident in the decision you make for your program, teachers, and dancers basically on your own. But that’s why we have such a great networking connection with all of the Tippi Toes franchise owners for support and resources so you can make great decisions proven to work for others before you!

If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself?

How far back in time??!?! If I could go back as I was opening my Tippi Toes location I would say, “Be Open to the changes, feedback from others and roll with the punches – you never know what amazing or challenging things will be just around the corner!”


Ready to join the Tippi Toes® family? Check out the Franchise Owners page and learn more on how to get started in owning your own business. We’ll be with you every step of the way!