Jun 7, 2017

Featured Franchise Owner- Miss Andrea

Every month we like to highlight one of our terrific franchise owners to hear their story and how they got started. This month, we’re speaking to Andrea Dangel, who owns her franchises in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Hi Miss Andrea!

Thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your journey.  We can all learn from each other through sharing our journeys. Please tell us a little about yourself.


Where did you grow up and how did you come to be in Cincinnati?

I grew up in a town called Cambridge, Ohio in southeast Ohio.

How long have you had your TippiToes?

I became a Tippi Toes® Dance franchise owner in 2009. I have loved the last 8 years being an owner of this outstanding dance company!

Did you ever think you’d be a business owner?

No, but after researching information about this wonderful company, I could not resist.

What made you decide to choose this business?

After many years of teaching high school, I felt like there was another calling for me to combine my education career with my dance background.

During my childhood, I was fortunate to be taught by a dance owner who had danced on Broadway and choreographed shows in Las Vegas. She was so helpful and kind when instructing us. My previous dance teachers were not as patient or understanding as her.
After learning about Tippi Toes® Dance, I fell in love with their philosophy about providing a fun and high-energy dance program to children.Looking back on my childhood, I realized that dancing always made me extremely happy.  I wanted to share this passion with children too.

What advice do you have for other people starting out on this road?

My advice is that you must truly love children and love seeing them become successful! If you are going to be in a dance business with children, you must enjoy what you are doing and truly be passionate about it.

What is the best thing about being a business owner?

I love being part of this outstanding company! I feel empowered to share ideas with other Tippi Toes owners and learn from their experiences. As a business owner, I have learned a wealth of information about how to run and operate a business. With Tippi Toes corporate guidance, you feel very confident developing your business goals. Honestly, the best part of being the business owner is seeing the smiles from the dancers and families. You know that you have provided them with a quality dance program.

What is the most challenging thing about being a business owner?

For me, I have continued to work as a school teacher while also running the business. I chose to do this since I can retire from education soon. In the beginning of my business, I was the owner, manager, marketing rep, dance teacher, etc. However, I have been able to delegate those tasks to other employees which has allowed me to teach school, run a business, and most importantly, be with my family.

If you could go back in time what advice would you give yourself?

I wish I could have started Tippi Toes earlier than I did!
Ready to join the Tippi Toes® family? Check out the Franchise Owners page and learn more on how to get started in owning your own business. We’ll be with you every step of the way!