Jul 21, 2016

Camps! Camps! Camps!

Our “job” of bringing dance and fun and joy to kids is the best on the planet! There is no time like our Camp Season to bring out the fun, silliness and creativeness of Tippi Toes!!

Tippi Toes offers various camps including Hip Hop Camps, Dance Camps, Princess Camps and our camps are open to kids 3-12 years of age. As with all activities presented by Tippi Toes, we strive to bring excitement and fun to our camps while encouraging the camps, teaching them new skills and showing them warmth and kindness!

Our most popular camp is our Princess Camp which is completely magical!! Our staff is in full character and costumes – yes when you, the parent, come to pick up your child you can count on us talking to you as if we just hopped our of a fairytale book!

We have a blast in this fairytale world with the kiddos and everyday the children are encouraged to come dressed in their favorite princess/prince clothing – the best!  Each day at camp the little princesses get to dance, watch a skit performed by our fabulous staff, enjoy craft time & game time and depending on the specific camp possibly a snack time! We keep these little princesses busy and they are always fully enamored!! If you have a 3 to 7 year old child – you must check this camp out! There is nothing else like it and we like to think we invited Princess Camp when we started it back about 15 years ago!

Our Hip Hop Camp is awesome for our older crowd – 6 to 12 year olds! Dancers will learn routines to current, tasteful music while also taking time to play games and even make up dances themselves! At the end of this camp the dancers will be able to perform new dances and show off their moves to their parents & guests! Through dance we help build the dancer’s confidence through encouragement and celebration of their awesome skills.

Dance Camp is a high energy camp for kids 3-12 years and incorporates different styles of dance including ballet, tap & jazz!  Very similar to Hip Hop camp except the style of dance taught is different. This high energy camp keeps the dancers go go going and having a blast! With a mix of fun silly warm up songs along with learning new dances, our little campers leave camp everyday so excited but ready for bedtime!!

Who doesn’t love a fun camp?!! It is such fun time of the year for all of us at Tippi Toes and seeing all the fun pictures posted by parents day after day throughout the summer is the greatest!