7th Annual Tippi Toes® Conference
Thursday, July 13th – Sunday, July 16th
Dallas/Plano Marriott at Legacy Town Center 

Bring your top 3 tricks/tasks/uses with DSP to share during breakout
Cody Sulak, CPA will lead a breakout so come with questions in mind


Conference Agenda

Thursday12:30-1:30pmNew Owners LunchAlexis L
Britney F
Heather M
Jess E
Leslie B
Tana C
Vallie P
Leadership Counsel
Marriott - Copper Bottom GrillBring any and all questions! Let's get the party started!
Thursday 2-4pmWelcome All! EveryoneSan JacintoWelcome!
Corporate Updates & Golden High Heel
Thursday4-5pmClass Dynamics - Megan ReillyEveryoneSan Jacinto
Thursday5-6pmTeacher SessionTeacher Focused - All WelcomeSan Jacinto
Thursday7:30-10pmPINK OUT PARTY, Desserts & activityEveryoneSan JacintoWe ask everyone comes dressed in PINK!
Friday8:45-9:45amLeadership Counsel BreakfastLeadership Counsel
Friday10:15-11amDREAM BIG - Sarah NuseEveryoneSan Jacinto
Friday11-12pmPumped & Ready - Megan ReillyEveryoneSan JacintoGoodbye Teachers! Thank you for attending!
Friday12-2pmLunch BreakEveryoneAnywhere you choose!Take this time to talk shop with your peers!
Friday2:15-3:00pmWhat is Leadership Counsel & Squads OwnersSan JacintoDeep dive into how LC will evolve. Reflect on commitment
Friday3:00-4:00pmFirst Meeting with SquadsOwners San Jacinto
Friday8pmAwards DinnerOwnersJasper'sAnnual awards presented!
Saturday9:15amMeet in San JacintoOwnersSan Jacinto
Saturday9:30 - 1:15pmBreak outs
Cody Sulak
OwnersMeet in San Jacinto9:30-10:15
Saturday1:15-3pmLunchOwnersAnywhere you chooseTake this time to talk shop with your peers!
Saturday3-3:30pmBackstage Best Practices - Jeanine CarrOwnersSan JacintoBS has been upgraded and is being re-organzied!
Saturday3:30-5pmWow & How in 5OwnersSan JacintoVarious owners share their Wow factors!
Sunday11-11:30amBusiness ReflectionOwnersSan Jacinto
Sunday11:30-1:30pmSquad Share & All Share Big PlansOwnersSan Jacinto
Sunday1:30-2:00pmGoodbyesOwnersSan Jacinto
Attire: Dress is casual/comfortable for all meetings.
Thursday night: PINK OUT PARTY: We encourage you, your husband and teachers to wear pink. We have an activity so we don’t recommend dresses or skirts. We will have dessert ready for you!  We will not be serving alcohol at this event due to under age teachers. There is a bar located at the hotel.
Friday Night: Franchise Award Dinner – Owners and Spouse invited. 
Friendly Notes: We love your children and know that it is fun for us to all meet, however we ask that they do not come to any of the planned meetings or parties. Since we get together one time a year it is important we are all in the entire time and don’t add distractions to our meetings. Thank you for understanding. We have big dreams of a FUTURE CEO Camp for our kids to attend together one of these years.
Transportation: If you are flying in and need a ride from the airport you can Uber or cab or ask one of your fellow Tippi Toes sisters to help pick you up. It would be great if many of you could plan to arrive and depart around the same time. If you are driving to the conference and are willing to help with transportation before or after the conference please let that be known via facebook.



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