Saturday, May 19, 2018

Location: Mark Keppel High School

(501 E. Hellman Ave. Alhambra, CA 91801)

Our Spring Recitals are a fun culmination of all of your child’s hard work at Tippi Toes this year!  These recitals are optional, but we do encourage each dancer to participate as it’s a fun way to watch your dancer show off all they’ve been learning!  Each class will be invited to participate in a 45-minute recital on Saturday, May 19th.

***We ask that you let us know if your child WILL NOT be participating in Spring Recitals by emailing Jeanine@TippiToesDance.com by March 2nd*** 

We assume that your child is participating in Spring Recital unless we hear from you before March 2nd

We will be measuring children during class so parents do not need to worry about anything regarding sizing, measuring and ordering costumes. More detailed information regarding costumes will be delivered closer to the event.

Spring Recital Fee is as follows: 

$65 (+tax) for all girls ($71.18)
$35 (+tax) for all boys ($38.33)

Recital fee is due on March 9, 2018.  

PAY NOW (All current dancers have an account)
Recital Fees cover the cost of the costumes (which are theirs to keep) as well as contribute to a portion of the rental fees that we encounter in the LA area for theater space, so that we can keep recitals open to all with no tickets or admission fees.

Your Recital Time May Change as we Get Closer to the Event

You will be contacted if a change is necessary

Show1st Show
Drop Off: 10:15AM
Show: 10:30-11:15AM
2nd Show
Drop Off: 11:45AM
Show: 12-12:45PM
3rd Show
Drop Off: 1:30PM
Show: 1:45-2:30PM
4th Show
Drop Off: 3:00PM
Show: 3:15-4:00PM
Class/LocationMonterey Park Christian School - BTJCalvary Tuesday - BTJSt. Anthony Preschool – BTJ & Tiny ToesCalvary Wednesday - BTJ
Class/LocationChild’s World - BTJSt. John’s Lutheran Preschool - BTJTiny Tots - BTJMonterey Park Christian School – Tiny Toes
Class/LocationBoys & Girls Club – BalletGranada Park UMNS - BTJ Rosemead Community Center – Tuesday BTJ Level 1Monterey Park Community Center – HH
Class/LocationRCC Thursday AM – BTJ Level 1Rosemead Community Center - BTJ Level 2Monterey Park Community Center – Tippi ProChild’s World - HH
Class/LocationBoys & Girls Club – Hip HopMonterey Park Community Center – BTJ level 2Monterey Park Community Center BTJ L1 MondayMonterey Park Community Center BTJ L1 Saturday
Class/LocationSt. Thomas Aquinas - BTJRosemead Community Center - Hip Hop


 If we do not hear from you, we will assume that your child IS participating and will charge your account for the recital fee on March 2, 2018. Credit Cards on file will be automatically charged on March 9, 2018.

Questions?? Please Email/ Call/ Text our office! Jeanine@TippiToesDance.com (626)863-7863

Winter Showcase Performance

Date: December 16th 2017


Granada Park United Methodist Church (Fellowship Hall)

1850 W. Hellman Ave. Alhambra, CA 91803

If your dancer will NOT be participating in this year’s Winter Show you must send an email to Ms Jeanine (jeanine@tippitoesdance.com) by October 20th! 

We assume all dancers want to participate in the show unless told otherwise.

Our show is optional for your dancers, but we encourage all dancers to participate and show off what they have learned so far in Tippi Toes. Each class will perform 2 winter/holiday dances learned in class on stage for Family and Friends. Our winter shows and recitals are only 30 minutes long, and your child will be on stage for 1/3 of that time. *This event does not include our Ballerina & Me dancers.

  • Show fees:
      • Ballet Girls $40 +tax(9.5%) = $43.80
        • (Red Leotard & Tutu)**Wear with white tights/leggings and ballet/jazz shoes or flats.
      • Hip Hop and All Boys- $25 +tax(9.5%) = $27.38
        • (T-Shirt)**Wear with black pants/leggings and comfortable dark shoes.

    * Your child may wear his/her hair however you would like. We want them to feel comfortable on stage

    *Make up for the show is up to the discretion of the parents.


*Winter Show Fee is charged to account on Friday, November 3rd

**All accounts will be charged automatically on November 3rd. For customers that have a card on file, we will process the payment automatically unless we are notified that your child is not participating.

There are NO other participation fees or ticket fees. Please invite as many people as you would like. 

Show Times:

Show1st Show
Drop Off: 1:10PM
Show: 1:30-2PM
2nd Show
Drop Off: 2:40PM
Show: 3-3:30PM
3rd Show
Drop Off: 4:10PM
Show: 4:30-5PM
4th Show
Drop Off: 5:40PM
Show: 6-6:30PM
Class/LocationSt. Anthony Pre K
MP Community - Tippi ProGPUMNKSRosemead Community Level 2 Combo
Class/LocationMP Community Level 2 ComboCalvary Tiny ToesSt. Thomas Aquinas SchoolRosemead Community Level 1 Combo
Class/LocationRosemead and MP Community Hip HopMP Christian School - Tiny ToesSt. John's PreschoolCalvary Preschool Combo (Tuesday)
Class/LocationTiny Tots (Barnes Park Preschool)MP Community Level 1 (Monday)MP Community Level 1 (Saturday)
Class/LocationSt. Anthony Pre K
Tiny Toes
Calvary Preschool Combo (Wednesday)MP Christian School - Combo


Drop-off Procedures: Please make sure your dancer has used the restroom before checking them in. We do not have enough staff to make too many bathroom trips. We will have a designated drop off area (CHURCH BOARDROOM) for your dancer to be checked in and connect with their class before they go on stage. We ask that you drop off your dancer 20-30 minutes prior to the show start time so that they can feel comfortable with their class before going on stage. We will have a holiday craft going on and coloring to keep the kids occupied and help the transition. Also, please do not send food with your dancer.



We will have Tippi Toes merchandise available for purchase at the recital, along with roses!

Only cash or check accepted at show.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

Location: TBA



Have a question? We are happy to help you!

Contact Ms. Jeanine Jeanine@TippiToesDance.com (626)863-7863