On Recitals and Events

The recital was wonderful! I just adored the performances and really loved that each group did three songs! It was so organized and flawless! Our family just loved that you did it in segments, making our recital a perfect length! (Instead of sitting through 54 acts to see Addie!!) Thank you for ALL of your hard work! We Love Tippi Toes!!!! I am so happy we did it this year and look forward to next year!

Michelle K, TX daughter age 4

Thank you Tippi Toes for giving our family a wonderful family event at the baseball stadium! Emma getting to dance on the field was exciting for all members of our family, especially her big brother! It was such a treat to have an activity that everyone in our family was excited about and we are so grateful to be a part of Tippi Toes! The pictures of the kids in tutus on the field are priceless! Thank you for taking such a great care of our family!

Jenny M, TX daughter is 4

The Tippi Toes Dance Recital was incredibly orchestrated and such an enjoyable experience! I was so thrilled with how long Mary got to perform on stage and also with how short the recital was! We were expecting the typical long and dragging dance recital, but this was fun, short, spirited and perfect for the kids and families. The teachers did a great job of keeping Mary calm and she was not at all nervous thanks to all the smiling teachers. I really just can’t believe how happy, positive, calm and enjoyable Mary’s dance recital was! Tippi Toes has recitals mastered!

Megan R, OH daughter is 3

We have been really blessed by the wonderful ladies on the Tippi Toes team. Our daughter loves to go to dance class each week and getting to go to such awesome places like the Tulsa Drillers and Tulsa 66ers to perform! We are very happy being involved with Tippi Toes!

Rachel B, OK daughter is 5

The recital was wonderful! We enjoyed seeing all of the classes show their stuff and we were amazed at how far Nora has come. Thank you and your dedicated teachers for all of their hard work.

Laura R, MO - daughter is 2

Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful year of Tippi Toes and the most beautiful recital. Everything was wonderful, from the costumes to the flowers to the venue. It is just amazing what you do with these little girls. I had tears in my eyes from the moment the first group of tiny dancers came out on stage. The presence and sense of movement, sense of self that you give to these little girls is priceless. We feel so blessed to have found Tippi Toes.

Heather G, OK daughter is 6

Thoughts from Parents

Michael and I adore Tippi Toes and the enthusiasm and commitment of the teachers. Salona always looks forward to Thursdays because she knows it’s time for dance class. I asked Salona what she would like to say, “I just love Mrs. Brittany. I love learning new songs and dances. My dance class makes me feel happy and so great!” Since beginning dancing with Tippi Toes, Salona has become very self-confident. She is so proud to show off the dances she learns in class.

Yvonne, OK daughter is 4

“I have been very happy withall aspects of Tippi Toes . . . the teachers are wonderful, knowledgeable, and relaxed, the director is great to work with, the price is competitive, and the location/atmosphere are great! This program offers all the benefits of the “big” dance centers, but makes it so much more fun and uplifting for the kids! My daughter loves it and can’t wait to go every week! Weplan to stay with Tippi Toes as long as we can.”

Laura, MO daughter is 7

As a working mom, I find it difficult to get my daughter involved with activities outside school. I appreciate Tippi Toes coming to the school in so many ways. It breaks up the day, helps with discipline, builds teamwork, helps with coordination, flexibility, and is turning my daughter into a little lady. My daughter is crossing her legs, pointing her toes, and dancing with grace. We love the music Tippi uses and have bought the CD’s to encourage practice at home. I love watching her dance routines at home so she can teach me. This gives me more quality time together.

Laura, DC - daughter is 4

The songs are so catchy we sing them in the car all the time. My daughter gets so excited on mommy and me ballet nights; we listen to our Tippi Toes cd’s on our way to class. Ms. Brittany & Ms Laura make dancing fun with a variety of songs and dances.
Tippi Toes ROCKS!

Kelly, OK daughter is 2

My daughter absolutely loves her Tippi Toes class! And I love how happy she is when she shows me the new ballet position she learned in a class that she may have not been able to take if her classes weren’t conveniently held at her daycare.

Jennifer T, CA - daughter is 3

We love Tippi Toes. They make it so fun for the kids and that is the most important thing. Thank you Tippi Toes for all you do.

Jamie H, FL - daughter is 4

I askedmy daughterwhat her favorite part about dance was and she said, “all the cool moves.” Kids need to stay active and Tippi Toes is a great starting place for that, plus it is so convenient for families that are on the go. My only regret about Tippi Toes is that we didn’t start her in it earlier.”

Carmen, MO daughter is 5

Tippi Toes has been great for my 8-year-old daughter on several levels. She has found something she looks forward to on a Monday. Participating in a group activity where she has to pay attention and follow along has been great for helping build her attention span and she loves everything about it. Tracy and the other teachers really care about the kids and it shows in the small details like getting a birthday card in the mail and stickers, or the really cool new tattoos, after each class is a special bonus.

Melissa R, MO daughter is 8

I couldn’t have picked a better place than Tippi Toes for my little dancer’s first dance class experience! My 3-year-old daughter Jessie loves Tippi Toes along with myself! Her teacher Miss Vanessa is so patient and sweet with the entire class. Jessie has learned very quickly and is excited to learn more each week. The music is original and fun and the choreography is a perfect mix of classic ballet along with more recent dance moves. I couldn’t be happier with our whole experience with Tippi Toes!! I look forward to many more years with the Tippi Toes family!!

Anne, OK daughter is 4 ½

On Thursday mornings I will remind Ava that today is Tippi Toes and her response is always a huge smile and a big, energetic, excited YAAAYYYY!!! It’s so cute to see her get so excited. She will even come home and want to play “Tippi Toes” and her Daddy and I are her students and she is the instructor. She gets her little CD player and teaches just like Miss Emily…so adorable!

Mandi R, OK daughter is 3 ½

Sophie just loves Tippi Toes Dance. She looks forward to dance class every week and really enjoys what she is learning. I can tell how much she likes it because she talks about it all the time as well as show off the different moves she has learned. I often see her practicing different steps she’s learned when she thinks no one is looking. She was so proud when her family came to watch her on open dance night and I’m truly looking forward to her recital in the spring, can’t wait to see my baby dance.

Tippi Toes has been great for Sophie, teaching her self-confidence and to take pride in herself andboosting her self-esteem. Our experience with Tippi Toes has been great, I hope that Sophie continues to love dance for many years to come.”

Ashleigh, OK - daughter is 3

Kinley just loves her Tippi Toes Dance days. It’s her favorite day of the week. We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and I would recommend it to everyone.

Kelly, TX daughter is 5

My 4 year-old wants every day to be a Tippi Toes day! She loves the adorablesongs, the cute dances, the kind teachers, and the structure of the program and most importantly….all the fun! She doesn’t even realize how much she is learning, and each time we leave she is smiling and happy!

As a mom, I love Tippi Toes for the ease and convenience. The teachers pick them up from their classroom and help them with their attire. There is no extra driving.The online payment system is simple and easy.

Overall this program is an A+.Not only is itgreat exercise, but alsoIknow this is providing my child
with a wonderful foundation fortap and ballet in the future.

Meredith, TX daughter is 4

My girls are obsessed with Tippi Toes. They love it and are learning so much.

Kristen, MO daughters 4 & 2

My daughter and I have had a fantastic time with Tippi Toes. She is just 3 years old and this is her very first dance experience. She is so excited every week for class and to learn new songs. And as a Mommy, it makes my heart melt to see all the enthusiasm she has in her when we get ready for her Tippi Toes dance class each week!

Besty, TX - daughter is 3

When looking for a dance class for my daughter, I was looking for something less rigid than a typical dance class. From the first time we attended Tippi Toes, she has loved going to dance class. Ms. Brittany, and the other teachers we have had, make class timefun, upbeat and very encouraging. My oldest daughter has been dancing for 4 years now, and we have since started our younger child in the Toddler & Me class. Her and I both enjoy the dance time together and she loves the one on one time with Mom.(And entertainingthe grandparents with her new dances).We look forward to both classes each week.

Lundy, OK - dancers are 6 & 2

My son has so much energy and Tippi Toes is the only program I have found that matches Aiden’s energy level and channels it in such a fun and positive way. The class is great for boys and girls and the teachers do a great job and I have seen a huge improvement of Aiden’s social skills since joining this dance class. We love Tippi Toes!

Rebecca S, TX son is 4

Dance class with Tippi Toes is the highlight of Mary’s week. She asks every morning if today is the day she has dance class. The choice of times and locations are always convenient and the price is affordable. Our instructor, Ms. Andrea, is a delight. The girls are always enraptured by her energy and charisma. I recommend the experience for anyone who has a little one who loves music, dance, and having a good time!

Brad M, OH daughter is 5

Tippi Toes has been a wonderful addition to our lives. My daughter Kerrie looks forward to Tuesdays when Miss K.C. comes to her daycare. Tippi Toes has taught Kerrie poise and it has provided a forum for her to display her confidence. I love the Tippi Toes CDs. Kerrie loves listening to them all the time. I look forward to my daughter continuing with Tippi Toes and learning more ballet dance moves and routines. My family loves Tippi Toes and especially Mrs. K.C. who has an awesome
personality…she is very patient and kind.

Sam, FL daughter is 4

Cali absolutely loves Tippi Toes! She talks about it frequently, and how much fun she has. She actually shows us her moves at home, its precious!! The location is also a plus, along with the price.

I’m so happy we decided to enroll Cali, she loves to dance. I’m positive having great teachers makes this possible. Thank you Tippi Toes for everything! Seeing my baby smile is priceless!

Sheri, TX daughter is 5

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