2018 Summer Recital Information

The North Show is on May 19th at Akins High School

Walnut Springs Elementary Pre-K Combo3:30 PM
Rooster Springs Elementary Pre-K Combo3:30 PM
Sycamore Springs Elementary Pre-K Combo3:30 PM
Sycamore Springs Elementary Hip Hop3:30 PM
Walnut Springs Elementary Hip Hop3:30 PM
Dripping Springs Elementary Hip Hop3:30 PM
Sunshine Cottage4:30 PM
Brookeside Learning Center4:30 PM
Sycamore Springs Elementary Tippi Pro4:30 PM
Johnson City Tippi Pro4:30 PM
Rooster Springs Elementary Hip Hop4:30 PM
Buda's Bright Beginning5:30 PM
Kyle's Bright Beginnings5:30 PM
Johnson City Preschool Combo5:30 PM
Dripping Springs Preschool Combo on Mercer5:30 PM
Baldwin Elementary Hip Hop5:30 PM
Texas Prep San Marcos6:30 PM
Kids of the Kingdom6:30 PM
First Baptist Church San Marcos6:30 PM
Kid Ranch Kyle6:30 PM
Elm Grove Elementary Hip Hop6:30 PM

The South Show is on June 2nd at San Marcos High School

Crossroads Preschool Combo4:00 PM
Prodigy Preschool Combo4:00 PM
A Creative Learning Center Combo4:00 PM
Bluebird Preschool Combo4:00 PM
New Braunfels Academy - County Line4:00 PM
Crossroads Hip Hop4:00 PM
FUMC San Marcos Hip Hop4:00 PM
New Braunfels Academy- Walnut5:00 PM
New Braunfels Academy - LaVernia5:00 PM
FUMC San Marcos Preschool Combo5:00 PM

More show details have been sent via email and included with costumes!  If you are participating and have not received your email with details, please contact us ASAP!

Recital FAQ 

Dancer Drop Off is 15 minutes prior to Showtime!

Please let us know before Aril 1st if your child will not be participating!

Before Recital Day

Recital and Costume fee
There is a one-time fee for both costume and recital expenses.  If tights are needed, they can be added to ballet costumes for a small fee.

We will be measuring children during class.  Costumes will go home at least two weeks before recital.  There will be in-class dress rehearsals led by their teachers which parents do not need to attend.

Recital Tickets
FREE!  We NEVER charge friends and family for recital tickets! Bring everyone and your cameras! Seating will be first come/first serve and you may enter the theatre 15 minutes before your showtime.  Earlier shows prevent us from seating family and friends prior to their showtime.

Payment is due no later than April 1st and we will charge your accounts on that date.  If you do not have an account with us, please contact us to arrange payment.

Recital Day!

Costumes: Please arrive dressed in full hair, makeup and costume as directed by their costume sheet they will receive with their costume.  Dancers who are in multiple dances may change costumes in the dressing room between shows.  Teachers will assist if needed.

Drop Off: Dancer will be dropped off at Dancer Drop Off  fifteen minutes prior to their show time.  Once you enter the lobby, follow the signs to Drop off before picking up any recital gifts.  Parents WILL NOT be allowed backstage or in the drop off area during the performance.  This is for the security of our children!

Pick Up: Dancers will be picked up from the stage directly after the last performance.  There will be ten minutes for pictures on stage.  Each show will last approximately one hour from Drop off to pick up.

Photos and Videos: Please take all the pictures and videos you would like!  But don’t let it stop you from cheering and applause!

Stay Seated:  Please stay seated for the full show!  There may be breaks between dances for applause.  Please show our dancers your appreciation for all of their hard work y staying seated and giving exuberant praise and thunderous applause!

Optional Recital Items

Flowers: We will begin pre-orders for Recital Bouquets in May.  We encourage making your flower purchase online prior to the show to ensure your dancer gets their bouquet.  We will have a few extras at recital but they go fast!  If you pre-order prior to show day we guarantee your roses will be less expensive, fresh and reserved with their name!

Gifts:  We will offer an assortment of other recital gifts online and at recital.  To guarantee availability we encourage pre-purchasing any gifts to have them available in the lobby the day of recital.

Dance Gear:  Leotards, tutus, tights and shoes will be for sale at Recital as well.  These quantities will be limited. If your dancer needs dance gear, make sure you pre-order these so we have their size in stock!  We also have some very cute dance bags in stock!

T-Shirts/Clearance Costumes:  We will have an assortment of Clearance costumes and t-shirts available for sale at recital as well. Check out our Facebook page to see Clearance costumes available to purchase.  These costumes are good for classes, dress up and as gifts.  They are from prior shows and have never been worn!