Tippi Toes Oklahoma City

 Summer enrollment is now open! View our full schedule by clicking the “Summer” tab to your right!
2016/2017 School Year Pricing

All tuition is paid monthly
Registration fee: $35 (this fee is non-refundable)
Sibling Registration fee: $20 (this fee is non-refundable)

Tuition: $50
Sibling tuition: $40
Tiny Toes tuition: $35
Sibling Tiny Toes tuition: $28
Winter Recital Costume fee: $25
Spring Recital Costume fee: $50
Toddler & Me Spring Recital Costume fee: $40

Important Notes on Classes

*Classes at our daycare locations have closed enrollment. Only the children that are enrolled at that school may enroll.

*Crossings Community Church is located at 14600 N Portland Avenue between 150th Street and Memorial. Please use the south entrance of the main church building when coming to Tippi Toes®.

*When enrolling for school-year classes at our Crossings Community Church location, please be sure to also complete the one-time registration located in the AFAC Registration tab at this link: Tippi Toes® does not receive any part of this fee. It is a separate fee required by the Fine Arts Academy of Crossings. By paying this registration, you are welcome to look into their other activities such as music lessons and theatre! Because families are not paying a Tippi Toes® registration fee at our Crossings classes, monthly tuition is $55 (in order to still cover the cost of class materials and lessons).

2017/2018 Schedule will be released in July!