Tippi Toes North Texas

Spring Semester starts back Wednesday, January 3rd! Scroll below to see our schedule and click “Enroll Today” to the right to sign up!

2017/2018 School Year Season Pricing:

Registration Fee $35 for 1st child; $20 for each additional child (one time per year, non-refundable)

Monthly Auto-Pay Tuition $55

*Sibling and Additional Class discounts available, please view Monthly Tuition and Event Policies tab to the right

Winter Recital Costume $35 + tax

Spring Recital Costume $60 + tax

Rookie Recital Costume $40 + tax

2017/2018 Schedule

Toddler & MeAgeTimeLocation
Monday18mo.-35:45pmChrist United Methodist Church (3101 Coit Road)
Tuesday18mo.-310:00amWalnut Hill Recreation Center
Wednesday18mo.-311:30amRichardson Family YMCA (821 Custer Road)
Baby BalletAgeTimeLocation
Monday1.5-310:00amPreston Park Montessori*
Tuesday1.5-33:00pmCare CDC*
Wednesday1.5-39:30amFirst United Methodist Church - Richardson*
Wednesday1.5-32:10pmSpanish Schoolhouse - North Dallas*
Thursday1.5-39:00amPrimrose Bent Trail*
Thursday1.5-39:45amLittle Treasures Learning Center*
Thursday1.5-32:10pmSpanish Schoolhouse - North Dallas*
Ballet, Tap & JazzAgeTimeLocation
Monday3-611:00amPreston Park Montessori*
Monday2-62:00pmChrist United Methodist Church (3101 Coit Road)
Monday2-62:10pmSpanish Schoolhouse - Rockwall*
Monday2-63:15pmPreston Creek Montessori *
Monday3-64:30pmPlano YMCA (3300 McDermott Rd)
Monday2.5-56:30pmChrist United Methodist Church (3101 Coit Road)
Tuesday2-69:00amTerry's Treehouse*
Tuesday2-610:15amAlpha Christian Academy*
Tuesday3-611:00amWalnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)
Tuesday2-62:00pmSonshine Academy (7901 Main St)
Tuesday2-63:30pmPrimrose School of NE Flower Mound*
Tuesday2-63:30pmLovedale Montessori*
Tuesday3-64:00pmCare CDC*
Wednesday1.5-610:00amTutor Time*
Wednesday3-610:30amFirst United Methodist Church - Richardson*
Wednesday 3-62:10pmSpanish Schoolhouse - North Dallas*
Wednesday3-73:45pmSt John's Episcopal School*
Wednesday3-65:45pmWalnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)
Thurday3-610:00amPrimrose Bent Trail*
Thursday2-510:15amKiddie Academy*
Thursday2-610:30amMiracle Children's Academy*
Thursday3-610:45amLittle Treasures Learning Center*
Thursday3-61:45pmNorthway Christian Day School*
Thursday3-62:10pmSpanish Schoolhouse - North Dallas*
Thursday3-63:45pmOur Redeemer Lutheran School*
Saturday3-611:15amPlano YMCA (3300 McDermott Rd)
Hip HopAgeTimeLocation
Monday5-105:15pmPlano YMCA (3300 McDermott Rd)
Thursday5-104:45pmOur Redeemer Lutheran School*