We hope this page helps answer some of your questions!  As always, please feel free to call Miss Lisa at 806-778-5075 or email her at MissLisa@TippiToesDance.com if you have any other questions.

*Are classes open to the public?
Class Locations marked with an “*” are open to the public.  All other classes are currently only open to children attending those schools.
*We just found out about your classes.  Is it too late to join?
We have open enrollment throughout the year, so it is never too late to join a class!
*When do classes begin for the 2015-2016 year?
Classes for the 2015-2016 year begin on September 8th.
*What is your enrollment fee?
We have a once-a-year enrollment fee of $35 that is due at the time of enrollment.  For siblings, this enrollment fee is $20.
*What does your enrollment fee cover?
This fee covers our usage of our online monthly payment system, supplies used in class and a Tippi Toes T-Shirt, Bag and Cup for your child.
*How is monthly tuition handled?
When you purchase your tuition package, your credit card will automatically be charged tuition on the 1st of each month.
*What happens if we join mid-month?
If you join a class mid-month, please call our office (806-778-5075) so that we can pro-rate your tuition.
*What happens if we can’t continue dance this month?
Please contact our office (806-778-5075) before the 1st of the month if you wish to discontinue classes for that month so that you are not charged.
*Do you have dance recitals?
We have optional dance recitals in December and May.  We encourage all of our dancers to participate as it is a fun and special day for them to be STARS!  These recitals are held at off-site locations.  Each class performs in one of the 30-minute recitals held throughout the day.  Information about recital will be sent home via email, newsletters and flyers throughout the year.
*What other fees are associated with Recitals?
We have NO other fees associated with our recital.  We do not charge an additional recital fee nor do we sell tickets.  You can bring as many people as you’d like to watch your dancer SHINE on stage!
*Do we rent the costume?
Costumes are purchased and are therefore yours to own!  We do not ask for costumes back after the recital.
*How do we discontinue class?
If you need to stop classes at any time, please call our office at 806-778-5075.  We can easily take care of that for you!
*Do you offer any other services beside dance classes?
We offer several fun dance camps throughout the summer.  We will send more information home regarding our camps throughout the year as well as update our website once we have more details finalized.  We would LOVE to see your dancer there!  Camps are open to the public, so feel free to invite your friends!