We hope our FAQ page provides you with valuable information to get the most out of Tippi Toes® Dance!

  1. Monthly Tuition is processed automatically on the 1st of each month via our automated online registration/enrollment program.
  2. Monthly Tuition is $55 (primary dancer) and $48 (sibling).
    *Tuition rates are different for our preschool and after-school programs.
  3. Registration Fee is processed at time of enrollment for each dance season (September – May) at $35 (primary dancer) and $25 (sibling).
    *Fee does not apply to preschool or after-school programs.
  4. Lakota YMCA and Sharonville Community Center require dancers enroll at their facility.
    *You will need to abide by their policies for enrollment or withdrawals.
  5. Costume Fee =$60 (plus Sales Tax) will be automatically processed February 16, 2018 for all dancers except Toddler and Me and Tiny Toes-Preschools. Toddler and Me and Tiny Toes-Preschool dancers do not perform in the spring recital.
    *Please contact us at cincinnati@tippitoesdance.com or 513-578-1280 if your child will not be participating in the spring recital prior to Feb. 16, 2018.
  6. Withdrawing from Class. Contact cincinnati@tippitoesdance.com or 513-578-1280 before the 1st of the month so you will not automatically be charged for next month’s tuition.
  7. Withdrawing During Month. We cannot refund your tuition if you withdraw during the month.
  8. Open enrollment. New dancers may join at the beginning of the month if there is space available.