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Enrollment is Open for 2018-2019 Public Classes!

Class Locations & Pricing

  • PUBLIC CLASSES run the school year Sept 4 – Jun 1
    • Enroll at any time! Feel free to enroll at any time of the school year.
    • Automatic Monthly Payments  
      • Tuition is $65-70/month plus a $35 annual registration fee
      • Tuition will be charged the 1st of the month Sept-May
      • Dancers receive an Enrollment T-shirt when they enroll
    • Cancel in writing 30 days before!
      • In order to NOT be charged monthly tuition (no refunds will be provided) for a particular month, you must let us know 30 days prior to your last dance class
    • Participate in recitals– Winter Showcase (Dec 8) & Spring Recital (June 1)
  • SCHOOL CLASS session dates for 2018-2019 will be posted as they are confirmed
    • No classes on school holidays

2018-2019 Calendar:
October 8: NO CLASS (Columbus Day)
November 22-27: NO CLASS (Thanksgiving Break)
December 23-Jan 1: NO CLASS (Winter Break)
May 25 – May 27: NO CLASS (Memorial Day Weekend)

Inclement Weather Policy

Tippi Toes classes follow the school districts where they operate (ex/ when Anne Arundel Public Schools are closed, Tippi Toes is closed). We do have some locations that make their own decisions. If your school or center is open, we will have class unless we notify you.

Recitals & Associated Fees

  • Mark your calendars!    Winter Showcase (Dec 15-16)  **  Spring Recital (Jun 8-9)
  • Costumes are required for participation!  
    • All dancers (Tippi Jam, Ballet/Tap/Jazz, Baby Ballet, Hip Hop) MUST purchase  costume to participate in Winter Showcase ($40) and Spring Recital ($70).
    • Recital attendance is FREE with no need to purchase tickets and no limit on number of guests
    • Participation Form will be sent in October and February. We ask that you kindly respond in a timely manner. Costumes will be ordered based on your response and are non-refundable
    • Winter Showcase is a warm-up for the big recital in June. Costumes consist of dance dresses, shirts and/or hats depending on age. Fee will be charged in October. 
    • Spring Recital is our big event of the year! Costumes are professionally made and yours to keep. Fee will be charged in March. 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Recital Fees cover the cost of the costumes which are theirs to keep as well as contribute to a portion of the rental fees that we encounter in the Wash Metro area for theater space so that we can keep recitals open to all with no tickets or admission fees
  • Toddler & Me class recitals take place during class
    • Takes place in the comfort of their classroom the last class prior to winter break and the last class in June (June 3-8)

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your child’s Recital Time! 

Want to enroll or have Tippi Toes come to your child’s school, play group or church?

→Contact our office at 202-527-9089 or Claire@TippiToesDance.com ←

Enrollment Instructions

  • Choose Your Class & Register
    • Click Enroll Today from the right side bar
    • Create Account or Sign-in to Existing in our NEW registration system!
    • For Monthly Tuition classes, sign-up for Auto-Pay
    • Select the class of your choice and enroll

Tippi Toes Attire

Tippi Toes encourages each dancer to wear dance attire or t-shirts along with tights, leggings, or a skirt. Ballet slippers are preferred for dancers under the age of 6. For Hip Hop classes, jazz shoes or tennis shoes are preferred.

At our daycare locations, attire is up to you!  Your dancer may bring a change of dance clothes or wear non-restrictive school clothes. We do ask that your dancer wear tights or leggings to school on the day of dance so they can just slip on their leotard if changing. Ballet shoes are preferred. Please let your school teacher know if your dancer needs to change before Tippi Toes class starts.    

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