Thank you for your interest in Tippi Toes Amarillo
Tippi Toes is now enrolling for  Fall Classes!
Our participating schools are listed below.  
Registration Fee 

     $35- includes Tippi Toes T-shirt

Monthly Tuition: 

     $50 (Deducted on the first of the month for auto-pay students)


Let them praise His name with dancing… 

Psalm 149:3

Steps to Sign up for Dance Classes:
1. Click on Enroll Today on the right side of the screen. Sign Up or Log in to your account.
2. Then click Get Started Now.
3. Sign up your dancer for a class by clicking add student.
6. Choose the class you want by clicking on Register for Classes.
7. Click Enroll Now and your dancer is now signed up for a dance class!
Type of ClassDay of the WeekTimeLocationAge/ Level 
Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Hip HopMondays8:30-9:15 amTexas Kinder Prep2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzMonday9:30-10:15 amMary & Rogers2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzMonday10:45-11:15 amPavillard Learning Center2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopMonday2:15-3:00 pmABC Learning Center2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzMonday3:15-4:00 pmBizzy Bees2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzTuesday8:30-9:15 amWoodlands-Trinity Lutheran2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopTuesday9:30-10:15 amBright Minds Academy on Golden Pond2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopTuesday2:30-3:15 pmFirst Baptist2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzTuesday3:30-4:15 pmPolk Street CDC2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzWednesday8:30-9:15 amCurtis Flemming Learning Center2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopWednesday9:30-10:15 amCreative Learning Tree2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopWednesday10:30-11:15 amImagination Station2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzWednesday2:15-3:00 pmSt. Paul United Methodist Church2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzWednesday3:15-4:00 pmSouthwest Montessori2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzThursday8:30-9:15 amBright Minds Academy on Clyde Street2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzThursday10:00-10:45 pmThe Church at Bushland2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopThursday12:45-1:15 pmWestminster Presbyterian2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, and JazzThursday2:45-3:30 pmTrinity Lutheran1.5-2 year olds
Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Hip HopThursday3:30-4:15 pmTrinity Lutheran3-6 year olds
Hip HopThursday4:15-5:00 pmTrinity Lutheran
K-3rd grade
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, & Hip HopFriday8:30-9:15 amSunshine Child Care in Canyon2-6 year olds
Ballet, Tap, & JazzFriday9:30-10:15 amBrown's Playhouse Daycare in Canyon2-6 year olds
Additional Information:
-Dance classes are for all levels and encourage movement, good habits, self confidence and fun!
-Dancers may wear anything from full dance attire to school clothes.  There is no dress code, but every day is a good day for a tu-tu!
-New classes will be forming in other locations.  If you would like a Tippi Toes class in your school or venue, please contact me at for booking information.
-We will be having summer classes, week camps and day camps throughout the year.  We also book birthday parties and other special occasion parties as well. Stay tuned to this site and our Facebook site: Tippi Toes Amarillo for updated schedules and information!